Breadcrumb with herbs

Turn your stale bread into something useful!!

Don’t we all love to feed the ducks in the pond nearby. But what if there are no ducks nearby, don’t trow away your stale bread, make your own breadcrumbs.

Processed Breadcrumbs is one of those typical products you like to avoid if you are a tiny bit health minded. There are so much preservatives in processed breadcrumbs, lets’ make our own.


  • (Stale) bread
  • Herbs, parsley is nice for most uses. About 1/2 cup for every 3 cups of bread, washed and roughly shopped.



  1. If the bread is not dry yet, shortly toast the bread
  2. Cut the bread into smaller pieces, this will ensure evenly cut breadcrumbs when using a food processor. Most important is that the pieces are roughly equal in size.
  3. Using a food processor, blitz the bread a few time. I usually use the pulser option on high speed. This seems to work best.
  4. When the bread is roughly blitzed, still about 3 times the size that you like the breadcrumbs end result, add the herbs.
  5. Blitz the breadcrumb with herbs until preferred size.
  6. Empty onto a baking tray or large plate to let dry. You can dry the breadcrumbs in the oven on low heat if you like to keep the breadcrumbs for a few days. I advise to make breadcrumbs for direct use as we do not use any preservatives.



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