New Banksy artwork pays tribute to NHS heroes

A new artwork painted by Banksy during lockdown has gone on display in a hospital corridor. The piece, entitled Game Changer, is now on view to staff and patients on Level C of Southampton General Hospital. It shows a boy dressed in dungarees playing with a nurse superhero toy, with figures of Batman and Spiderman…

World’s largest flower blooms every 3 years

The Amorphophallus titanium, or ‘Titan Arum’ flower can weigh as much as 130kg and takes 72 hours to bloom once every three years. Belgium’s Meisa Botanic Garden live-streamed the rare event on Wednesday. Source: SBS News

Teacher hugs students through homemade plastic barrier

Teacher hugs students through homemade plastic barrier at front door   A teacher in Indiana invited her students around for a hug after she constructed a homemade plastic barrier at her front door attempting to stay at a social distance amid the coronavirus outbreak. Source: SBS News

Kids are naturally born Happy

Kids are naturally born Happy, no matter where or when, rich or poor, kids make fun under any circumstance. Incredible dance moves, happy faces, smiles, jokes and no mum who says clean your feet before entering the house, whoooohaaaa, let’s all dance like these kids. View Video on facebook

Colonel Tom Moore Celebrates His Birthday

Could not become more famous and respected in such a short time amid dire situation. Fundraiser and record-breaker (see below) Tom Moore turned 100 years old last week, which was marked with an RAF fly-past near where he lives and an honorary promotion to a Colonel ranking (from a Captain) in the army. The popular…

Fundraising 99-year-old UK veteran tops music charts

A 99-year-old English war veteran who raised millions for health workers has topped the British music charts and claimed a world record title for fundraising. A World War II veteran who raised millions for charity has become the oldest person to top Britain’s main music chart. Captain Tom Moore also added a world fundraising record…

Rooftop Tennis at its best, impressive rally by 2 Italian girls.

Two young girls in Italy have staged a remarkable rally from the rooftops of neighbouring buildings. The girls in the Ligurian town of Finale Ligure managed a 12-shot rally featuring forehands and backhands during a 24-second video posted on Facebook. Source: SBS News