I am Robert and I am the food lover behind CookingConnexions.photo2

I live in the stunning Northern Beaches of Sydney with my beautiful wife and 2 awesome young boys. I am passionate about food, cooking and travelling, a bug that infected the rest of the family too. You can find all of us in the kitchen a lot.

For me, dinner is the most important time of the day and this means that at least 6 out of 7 days we have a freshly home cooked meal together at the dining table. Sharing good food and the days stories, having a family moment together.

CookingConnexions is all about sharing easy recipes to connect people. No intimidating recipes, just home style-cooking. You won’t find anything to do with liquid nitrogen, tempered chocolate or cooking in a sous vide. If you are after challenging recipes, follow Masterchef or get yourself a cookbook from well known chefs like Heston Blumenthal or Adriano Zumbo.

CookingConnexions is all about family recipes. Recipes that have proven themselves over the years, recipes that have evolved into those “I like to eat them again and again” meals that are shared with the family at home.

Each culture has their own cooking traditions. Even in busy modern times having a meal is an important moment that we like to share with family or friends. In most cultures cooking  is still an important part of live. From Italian family diners to Asian street food, from Ozzie barbecue get togethers to a Middle Eastern diner feast. Food connects billions of people.

The recipes you find on this website are not mine, I did not create them, well most of them not. Recipes have been passed on trough my family and friends or I found them in cookbooks, when I was traveling or food blogs. Some of them are from well known chefs like Jamie Oliver, Luke Nguyen or Kylie Kwong, but only if I found them easy to make.

Or recipes come from you! With CookingConnexions I motivate everyone to share their family recipes. I would love you to share your family dinner stories and tell me more about the history behind the recipe.

We are connected trough the love for cooking, lets inspire each other!

Robert van Geest