Time for Happy News

It’s all about staying connected.

Normally my website is all about food connections, but at this strange times we currently are going through I like to share some happy news. With all the sad news around us we easily overlook that there are positive things happening around us as well. People helping each other, cheering for each other, making music together, shop for each other or people just contacting each other to see how they are.

In this blog I will gather happy news and share it with you. If you have some happy news to share, shout me a message!

Make sure you stay connected!



Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 5.24.30 pmThere is no better way to play ‘Bella Ciao’! ♥️

Italy has embraced singing and playing music from their balconies. A beautiful way to stay connected!

Full video at: Cookingconnexions on facebook






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